Hello from an AFL Carpenter

When I was asked to play in the Arizona Fall League I was very thankful.  I knew that it is a great honor to be chosen to represent my organization (The Phillies).

When I arrived here in Arizona and met my new teammtes, I began thinking how I remembered some of the guys from during the season. Some I remember  not liking to pitch against and others I remember as simply good baseball players. Now I’m getting the chance to play on the same team and actually getting to know each player. Within just this first week I realized that the guys I remembered not liking were really cool guys and are great players and teammates.

October 2 was the first day at our stadium, Hohokam Stadium, which was also the first day the team met up for workouts.   Each morning I would get to the stadium early enough to get my own workout in before the team began the team workouts. Conditioning for me is the biggest thing I am working on outside of pitching and the main reason I get to the stadium early each day. For the first 5 days we were here we had team workouts to go over the basics, bunt defence, signs, cut offs and relays, pop up priority, and first and third plays.
October 7th was our first game against the Phoenix Desert Dogs, it was a good game and we came out on top, not a bad way to start the season.  Since then our record is 2-2 and we are only getting better with every game and getting more familiar with each other. My first start is Saturday 10-11-08,  I am looking forward to it and hoping to do good to help give my team a chance to win.  So wish me luck and I will let you know how it goes in my next blog.

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Great job in out pitching Buchholz. Saw you pitch in Harrisburg last year and hope to see you pitch in March in Spring training. If they resign Moyer that 5th starting spot will be up for grabs between you, Happ and Kendrick. If they don’t sign Moyer you have a great shot with a little luck to make the big team’s starting rotation next year IMO. Good game and Good luck the rest of the way in the AFL.

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