Carp: Up and down week

How’s it going everyone, coming to you from the fall league.  The last week has been OK since I last wrote to you.  We are still tied for first but have lost more games in this week then we had in 2 weeks combined.

So far this week has started out very poorly. As the weather started to cool off so did we.  We lost our first two games this week – one to the Phoenix Desert Dogs and one to Peoria, the team we are fighting for first against. Now we are on a one-game winning streak and trying to stay ahead until the end of the year so we can have a chance to play in the championship game.

With us doing so well in this league I think it is due to the different kinds of guys we have on our team.  We have all good guys on our team with no attitudes or big ego problems.  Within the last few weeks, we’ve become pretty good friends and like to be around one another, which plays a big part in us performing well.  If you click off the field, traditionally you will play well on the field.

So next time I write you guys, I hope I can say we are in first place by ourselves and still playing quality ball. Until next time, have a wonderful week and keep rooting on the Mesa Solar Sox.  

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I’ll be off to Arizona for my 6th straight year. I’m very disappointed however that they have all but discontinued night games after Nov 1st. Where I would see a game every night, this year I’ll be down to just 2 ganes. Since night game attendance is MUCH better than day games, I’m as suprised as disappointed.

If anyone is out there…………..Please fix the schedule.

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