Guest Blogger: Quintin Berry

Quintin Berry 7.JPG

Hi, this is Quintin Berry, I am affiliated with the Philadelphia
Phillies organization.  My home town is sunny San Diego, CA, where I
attended San Diego State, under head coach Tony Gwynn.  After my Junior
year, I was drafted by the Phillies in the 5th round and jumped right
into my career in professional baseball.

I just finished up my second full season in the Florida State League
High A.  After a decent second year, I was given the opportunity to
come to the Arizona Fall League as a part of the Taxi Squad.  Most
people asked if I was disappointed because I was assigned to the Taxi
Squad … I’m still a little confused by that question because no
matter the situation, it’s a great opportunity to be a part of this
league.  So I guess my answer would have to be NOT AT ALL!  I was very
excited about coming to Arizona and being able to play in this
showcase, as well as being able to player closer to Mom.  And I am
having a great time doing so.

It only took a little over a week for unfortunate injuries to force
players to go home early and roster spots to open up.  Although this
was unfortunate for those players, it has given me the opportunity to
join the full-time roster and gain a lot of playing time.  We have a
great group of guys who keep the locker room and playing field a fun
and loose environment to be in.  We are just having a lot of fun doing
what we love the most.  I feel that it shows when you look at our
record and how we’ve been playing.  I’m learning a lot here, especially
from our hitting coach, Ryne Sandberg.  Having a Hall of Famer in Tony
Gwynn as a college hitting coach made great improvements to my game on
the outside pitch.  This has been a great strength of mine for years. 
Now I have another Hall of Famer in Ryne who has completely elevated my
game on the inside pitch.  This has been something that I struggled
with for years and Ryne has made my confidence level higher than ever
before when it comes to the inside pitch.  And that’s just after a few
weeks.  I must say I’m pretty lucky!

Overall, I am having a great time playing with the AFL.  Every day I
get the opportunity to learn and try something new.  I’m grateful to be
here and glad to get a chance to express it with you.  Thank you!


Have a good time out there! Hope to see you in Spring Training :O)


have a great time playing in the afl and i hope to see you in a mlb uniform playing for the great city of philadelphia

good luck, jesse mitchell

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